Howie Mandel Says Simon Cowell Could Be Back To AGT Sooner Than Expected

Howie Mandel Says Simon Cowell Could Be Back To AGT Sooner Than Expected
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Howie Mandel , Simon Cowell's America's Got Talent co-star, claims Simon is going to be back on the set of the popular reality television series very soon. Howie said to E! News that even though Cowell found himself seriously injured, he's doing "spectacularly well."

As it was previously reported, Simon Cowell got into a bad accident this past week on an electric bike around his Los Angeles property. His injury led to "disarray" on the set of America's Got Talent , considering the importance of Simon's role.

Mandel said to reporters from E! News that they were "worried" about their leader, boss, and friend. Mandell claims Simon is already walking around, despite fracturing his spine in three different places.

The Deal or No Deal alum claimed after a 6-hour operation which included metal rods and fused disks, Simon is already on his feet and walking around. Mandel went on to say that he wouldn't count Cowell out for the remainder of the season. In fact, he might make it back for the final episodes.

In case you missed it, Simon busted his back in three places earlier this month and nearly became permanently disabled. Friends have claimed Simon was showing off his expensive $20,000 E-bike to his 6-year-old and 14-year-old stepson.

The bike did a wheelie and Simon fell off and slammed on the ground. On Sunday, Simon gave good advice to his fans and followers on Twitter. He claimed if someone is going to buy an electric bike, it's best to read the manual before riding it.

Reportedly, the bike Simon purchased can go up to 60mph and it has been prohibited from riding on the road in the United Kingdom . This all comes after news that Simon had been working on his health and fitness.


In previous interviews, the  American Idol  alum claimed he had lost around 60 pounds after going on a very strict diet and implementing a structured fitness regiment. Sources claimed, "Simon was willing to do whatever it took to get his health where it should be."

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