Howie Mandel Arrives On AGT Set Wearing Hazmat Suit And A Gas Mask To Avoid The Coronavirus!

Howie Mandel Arrives On AGT Set Wearing Hazmat Suit And A Gas Mask To Avoid The Coronavirus!
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Someone has been taking the need to avoid the Coronavirus to a whole new level! Howie Mandel, who is known to be a germaphobe and who also battles OCD, was caught on camera heading to the set of America’s Got Talent in a hazmat suit and gas mask, therefore completely covered up from head to toe!

The man is obviously taking the warnings about the COVID-19 strand very seriously and is taking extreme measures to ward it off!

Obviously, most people think this kind of gear is excessive, especially since most celebs have only been wearing masks.

At the same time, even the masks are not recommended for people who are not already infected or at least showing symptoms that could be associated with Coronavirus such as dry cough - as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

With that being said, seeing Howie strolling on set with a full hazmat suit and gas mask on was quite shocking and even his adult daughter, Jackelyn Schultz, 36, made fun of him for being that scared of the virus.

The video producer posted a pic of the talent show’s judge that showed him with toilet paper and a helmet.

As it turns out, Howie had told her that ‘They ran out of face masks and gloves but I got one roll of toilet paper and a helmet. My dad is definitely prepared but I don’t know exactly what for 🤷‍♀️.’

But Howie was not bothered by the jokes and he even joined in with some humor of his own.

The day after, he posted a pic of someone in quarantine being rolled into an ambulance and wrote in the caption: ‘Me heading to work #agt.’

Well, he was obviously only half kidding given his work ‘outfit’ in which he showed up on set.


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