Hoda Kotb Shares Beautiful Photo Of Her Daughters With Her Fans

Hoda Kotb Shares Beautiful Photo Of Her Daughters With Her Fans
Credit: Source: Hoda Kotb/Instagram

Fans of NBC's Today show are missing Hoda Kotb who is on maternity leave after adopting a beautiful baby girl named Hope Catherine. Hope joins Hoda, her partner Joel Schiffman and her older sister Haley Joy who is apparently adjusting well to her baby sister. Hoda recently shared two photos on her official Instagram account showing herself radiating with joy, while Haley held baby Hope. The photo went viral and many fans expressed their happiness for Hoda who seems beyond ecstatic that she has welcomed Hope into her life.

In one photo, Hoda, Joel Schiffman, and the girls can be seen. In the second photo, Hoda can be seen au naturel with her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail wearing jeans and a white tee-shirt that read "Love First." Haley Joy had a burping cloth on her shoulder and can be seen giving baby Hope her bottle. It seems apparent that Hoda supervised Haley's burping of her baby sister in between feedings.

You can also see Hayle's arm underneath Hope's neck as she lovingly supports her little sister's head. The family photo reveals a setting that is filled with love, joy, peace, and contentment.

In the family photo, Hoda captioned it with a simple saying: My three ❤️❤️❤️

You may see the sweet photos as Hoda shared them on Instagram below.

One fan loved the simplicity of the family photo.

"💕❤️💕I love how the baby's foot is pushing up Hoda's shirt and how Haley's little face is one big grin as she's looking at her baby Sis Hope ❤️ reminds me of my two girls when they were about that size."

Hoda has 1.3 million followers and the response to her family was wonderful. Her fans were delighted that she provided an update as they have missed seeing her on their favorite morning program.

Many people are also excited to see older women adopting children. Hoda Kotb is 54 and celebrates her 55th birthday on August 9, 2019. Many of the comments on both photos praised her for opening her heart and home to Hope Catherine even though she is in her fifties.

Both photos went viral and have more than 100,000 likes and over 1,000 comments.

Are you a Hoda Kotb fan? Do you miss her on NBC's Today ? What do you think of her family photos with Haley Joy and Hope Catherine?

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