Below Deck Med New 'Homophobic' Chef Mila Called Out By Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier

Below Deck Med New 'Homophobic' Chef Mila Called Out By Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier
Credit: Source: Bravo

We are just days away from the Season 4 premiere of Below Deck Mediterranean and there is already a scandal. New chef Mila Kolomeitseva will reportedly reveal this season that she is homophobic and doesn’t want her son seeing “two men kissing each other.”

Below Deck Med veteran Hannah Ferrier has already spoken out about the controversy, telling the Daily Mail Australia , “When I found out that she’d said that, I actually couldn’t go speak to her about it because racism, homophobia, and sexism are things that make my blood boil.”

She added that dealing with those issues on camera is something she can’t do because she will “look like a psychopath.”

While Ferrier admits that the Russian chef was raised in a conservative Siberian household, she says that isn’t an excuse for bigotry. She explained that it isn’t like someone plucked the chef out of Russia and put her on the yacht. Currently, the Below Deck Med newbie lives in Monaco, and at this point, she should know better. If that’s how Kolomeitsva really feels, says Ferrier, then she should just think it and not say it.

Ferrier also noted that Bravo has a large gay audience, and it was “stupid” for Kolomeitsva to say such things on the network.

“Know your viewers, honey! Go to a KKK rally if you want to talk like that,” said Ferrier.

Meanwhile, Captain Sandy Yawn’s love life has reportedly taken a positive turn after struggling with relationships thanks to her constant travel. Yawn is dating gospel singer Leah Shafer, who she met through Facebook.

Yawn says that Shafer sent her a nice, short message after discovering Below Deck Med on television , and ended the note with “many blessings.” It was those two words that caught Yawn’s eye, and after talking for months online and bonding over common interests, she and Shafer met in person last November in Los Angeles. Both of them say it was “love at first sight.”

Shafer says that when you meet another soul who you connect with at a deep level, it is “unexplainable and beautiful.”

The new season of Below Deck Mediterranean premieres June 3rd on Bravo.

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