Hillary Duff Slams 'Creepy' Photographer Who Snapped Photos Of Her Kids

Hillary Duff Slams 'Creepy' Photographer Who Snapped Photos Of Her Kids
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On Saturday morning, Hillary Duff expressed her true and unfiltered opinion of what she thought of a photographer who took photos of her children among others. Page Six claims the paparazzo took photographs of Duff's child and others in the middle of a football match.

The 32-year-old recorded the entire conversation and shared it on her Instagram, along with the caption which suggested practicing photography on kids is immoral, moreover, urging him to do it with adults instead. She added that the laws "need to change," and also referred to him as a creep.

The footage features the entire discussion, in which Duff goes up to the man and asks him if he knew anybody there. The photographer responded that he didn't, and it was perfectly legal either way.

Duff goes on to say that him taking photos of her children makes her incredibly uncomfortable, to which he responds with an offer to show her his ID. Hillary then asks him "human-to-human" if he'll stop taking pictures of the kids.

The photography admits that he was simply practicing his art, and her reaction was very unwarranted. Duff goes on to say that she'll post it on her Instagram in front of her 15 million followers to show the world how "creepy" he is for what he does on a Saturday morning.

The unidentified man then claimed that it was actually Duff who was making the situation "creepy," then put his hand over her camera lens which also put a stop to the video. Some of the other actresses to chime in on the incident was Busy Phillips. She claimed the ordeal was "infuriating."

According to Duff, children attending a playground without an adult present is illegal, yet, taking pictures of people in public isn't. These days, Hillary is busy with her son, Luca, 7, and her 1-year-old daughter, Banks.

Currently, she's in a relationship with the musician, Matthew Koma, who is perhaps most famous for his work with the DJ Zedd, although, they have since had a falling out in recent years.

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