Hillary Duff Slams Short-Lived Rumor That Her Family Is Involved In Human Trafficking

Hillary Duff Slams Short-Lived Rumor That Her Family Is Involved In Human Trafficking
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Earlier this week, social media users began speculating that Hillary Duff and her family were somehow involved in human trafficking, a rumor that the actress immediately stomped out before it even started.

Page Six picked up on a post from the 32-year-old star this Saturday in which she had been accused of human trafficking. Reportedly, Hillary came under fire from people online after she posted a picture of her 8-year-old son without any clothes.

After the ensuing controversy, or rather, after the cascade of angry social media commenters considered the photo inappropriate, Duff went and deleted the post.

Regarding this very same clip, Duff acknowledged that someone wasn't happy about the video, so she and her man did get rid of it by covering it up with a sticker. For the most part, users thought of the picture as just a standard family photo, while others believed there was something far more malevolent going on.

One follower online wrote that one of the primary reasons why celebrities could get away with trafficking their children around Hollywood elites is because nobody ever calls them out on it. The person did concede, however,  that they had similar photos on their private Facebook account, which is for immediate family and close friends.

The user went on to say that even in that case, it's usually only a bit of a "butt-crack." In Duff's case, however, the user said it wasn't a baby anymore. It was an 8-year-old child.

The user joked that after the 18-months have passed and it's no longer a newborn baby, it's time to move past it and "cut it out." In response to the criticism, Duff admitted and acknowledged that everyone is very bored at the moment.

She thought aloud that the accusation was "disgusting," before going on to say that whoever came up with such an idea should get away from social media and their phone. Perhaps even "get a hobby." Fans of Duff know this isn't the first time she took someone to task over her kids.

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