Alec Baldwin Continues Lawsuit With Man Over Parking Lot Incident

Alec Baldwin Continues Lawsuit With Man Over Parking Lot Incident
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On Friday, Alec Baldwin's defamation case with the man who accused him of assaulting him over a Manhattan parking spot was asked to be dismissed. Back in November of 2019, Baldwin sued Wojciech Cieszkowski for defamation, stating that he made up a false story about him regarding the parking lot dispute on the 2nd of November, 2018.

Reportedly, Cieszkowski claims Baldwin punched him in the face two years ago. Later, Baldwin - who has received critical acclaim for his portrayal of President Donald Trump in recent years - was arrested for the incident and also pled guilty to charges of harassment.

However, the award-winning actor insisted that never at any point did he punch the man in the face. Regardless, Baldwin to pay a $120 fee and also had to complete an anger management course to put the criminal case in his rear-view mirror.

Reportedly, in new court documents filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court, Cieszkowsk claimed Alec Baldwin "was already exactly the kind of person" who would punch someone over a parking spot.

In other words, Cieszkowski and his attornies claim that it wasn't possible to defame Alec with allegations of assault, because his reputation among the public was already tarnished in that way. His attorney claimed Alec has a reputation for having a temper and also getting into fights with the public.

Cieszkowski accused Alec of being an "entitled celebrity" who thinks that others are beneath him, thus, affording him the permission to assault others. Luke Nikas, Alec's lawyer, said to The Post that the case contains many "false statements" which they intend on disproving in the coming trial.

As it was noted above, Alec has gotten into trouble with the authorities before, including the New York Police Department over a fine.

Moreover, Mr. Nikas claimed it was time for them to move on from the case because the Manhattan Supreme Court should be used for more serious crimes.

Followers of the case know that Harvey Weinstein's trial is currently ongoing in the same Supreme Court of Manhattan. The jury is in the middle of deliberations.

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