Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Sent Annabella Sciorra Chocolate Penises As A Gift

Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Sent Annabella Sciorra Chocolate Penises As A Gift
Credit: Source: BlogSpot.com

Annabella Sciorra's testimony in court today was eventful, to say the leas t, with the former The Sopranos actress sharing her horrible story in detail, including Harvey's bizarre gift packages. Harvey reportedly sent her movies, valium, and chocolate penises, Page Six has learned.

Apparently, Harvey sent her the aforementioned gifts back in the early 1990s after he cast her in several Miramax films. She claims he told her that it was meant to help ease her nerves. Sciorra said before the jury that she was nervous about starring in Weinstein's movies due to the alleged assault that had occurred previously.

Sciorra claimed the disgraced producer sent a package to her Central Park West apartment which included licorice, popcorn, and Valium. Later, another gift arrived which was a box of chocolate penises, which Annabella described as "disgusting and inappropriate."

As it was previously reported, Sciorra took the stand today to detail Harvey Weinstein's alleged behavior toward her at length. She is just one of three women to testify against the former The Weinstein Company executive.

The actress has accused Harvey of raping her in her Manhattan home during the wintertime between 1993 or 1994. She claims he then forced cunnilingus on her. Her testimony thus far has been filled with gruesome details about her experiences with the embattled producer.

Earlier today, she explained why she never fought back against the movie mogul, and also why she chose not to tell the police or her friends. According to Sciorra, in the early 1990s, Harvey was just under 6-feet-tall and was 300 pounds. He was simply too big for her to fight.

Furthermore, the actress claimed that she could never tell anyone down in the hotel because he "owned the hotel." The actress also told another story of how she was at the Cannes Film Festival one year and discovered her hotel room was next to his.

One morning, she went into her hotel room around 5:00 am and Harvey was in there wearing only his underwear while holding a bottle of baby oil. She claims she backed up and pressed every button for help, and people eventually came. Harvey then left the room.


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