Harvey Weinstein Jurors Given Naked Images Of The Disgraced Producer

Harvey Weinstein Jurors Given Naked Images Of The Disgraced Producer
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On Tuesday, a jury in Manhattan in the Harvey Weinstein case was shown nude pictures of the disgraced producer. Page Six reported on the reactions of some of the jurors, describing one woman as making a "slight face," and the reaction of another man, who opened his eyes wide as he looked through the photographs.

Reportedly, the photographs of Weinstein's nude body were introduced as evidence and were never intended for the public. Weinstein later spoke with reporters outside of the courthouse about the photographs, which were purportedly shown as a way of proving victims' descriptions of the producer's genitalia.

When a journalist asked Weinstein whether they showed nude pictures of him in the courthouse, Weinstein said in response that the photos weren't of him, they were from "Playboy." As most know, Weinstein's case kicked off earlier this year.

Thus far, we have seen the testimony from several different women, including Jessica Mann, Annabella Sciorra, and earlier today, Emanuella Postacchini. Emanuella told a story in front of the court to back up the claims made by Jessica Mann.

She claimed she first met Harvey at a party for the Weinstein Company at the SoHo House in New York City. Weinstein invited her to go for brunch the following day, and so she went. When she arrived, she discovered that Jessica Mann was there, much to her surprise.

Harvey purportedly told the women to engage in a particular type of behavior, which wasn't revealed directly by Emanuella. Mann ran out of the room crying afterward, fell to the floor, and began crying in the fetal position.

Jessica Mann has claimed that her relationship with Harvey Weinstein was toxic on a number of fronts, notably, that she didn't want to be in a sexual relationship with him, to begin with, but felt like she had to due to Harvey's power in the industry.

Mann admits that she later engaged in consensual relationships with him, but never wanted to. Annabella Sciorra also testified last week, describing how Harvey barged into her home one night and began unbuttoning his shirt.

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