Harry Styles Opens Up About His Quarantine Routine!

Harry Styles Opens Up About His Quarantine Routine!
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Harry Styles, just like pretty much everyone else, has been adapting to the quarantine put in place as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. That being said, the singer shared with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe while on FaceTime, his new daily routine.

It sounds like Harry is actually making the most of it!

The former One Direction member tried to encourage people to find a sense normalcy and stay sane amid the isolation and social distancing that will not ‘make it feel like the world is ending.’

During his update on how he’s been dealing with the situation, Harry dished that ‘we’ve been trying to keep a routine, trying to stay positive and productive, and any moment where we find ourselves not doing anything we actually use to check in with family or friends who have businesses you know that have closed. I am obviously really lucky that I'm someone who can work from home. But there's so many people who are not, and it’s just a difficult time right now.’

He went on to open up about his mental health and spiritual side during this time, saying that: ‘I’ll meditate in the morning and have a coffee after and do some reading to kind of try and wake up a little bit. And then I go for a run, get some air and sunshine, and try and work out in the morning. And then I will try and do a little work and go for a walk in the afternoon again. I've just been trying to get some fresh air and not see anyone. But I have been going for drives and stuff just to get some air and sun on my face.’

Great news for the fans – the star also mentioned that he’s been writing a lot!

He then admitted that the global crisis has actually pushed him to do some things he should have done more often anyway so that’s quite the silver lining!

In conclusion, Harry told that he has been writing lyrics, poems and playing the piano and guitar a lot more.

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