Hannah Brown Says She Was Rejected By Celebrity Dating App Raya

Hannah Brown Says She Was Rejected By Celebrity Dating App Raya
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Hannah Brown, the Bachelorette alum, recently made a surprising - and embarrassing - revelation about her dating life. According to the reality star, via Glamour Magazine, Hannah Brown was actually rejected from the celebrity dating application, Raya.

The star claims Raya "ghosted" her application, and she wasn't allowed on the app. On her Instagram Story, Brown explained to the makers of the app that she didn't know if they watched the show, but she was on the Bachelorette.

One Reddit user actually recorded the entire three-minute discussion in which the reality star explained that she was trying to get on the application for months. Reportedly, pastor Elyse Murphy, a personal friend of Hannah, who has 20,000 followers on Instagram, was actually accepted on the application.

Brown went on to joke that she was going to turn to Christian Mingle instead, even though she might not get accepted by them either. Regardless of whether she's accepted or not, Brown joked that Jesus still has a love for her.

That might be in reference to one of her interactions with Peter Weber. In fact, she might've been alluding to one of four times that she reportedly had sex with Peter Weber in a windmill. Since then, the incident, and her subsequent comments about it, have gone quasi-viral.

People on Reddit have been defending the reality star as well, arguing that to not accept Hannah on the application was just silly. Another user stated that Raya was "embarrassing" anyway, which is apparently filled with DJs, YouTubers, and other influencers.

Recently, Lucy Hale admitted that she swiped on John Mayer on the application, which was subsequently rejected. In other words, John apparently didn't swipe right in return. Raya is one of the more commonly discussed dating applications due to its relative exclusivity.

Not just anyone can get a membership to the application. Only well-known influencers and other stars can get accepted, making it somewhat of a point of conversation among celebrities and other entertainers.

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