Hannah Brown Leaves Her Number On 'Cute' Man's Car After Walking By Him On The Street - But There's A 'Plot Twist!'

Hannah Brown Leaves Her Number On 'Cute' Man's Car After Walking By Him On The Street - But There's A 'Plot Twist!'
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Hannah Brown had an encounter with a ‘beautiful specimen of a human’ that resembles a scene right out of a romantic movie and she did not hesitate to shoot her shot even though she was really nervous. The Bachelorette star apparently exchanged smiles with the mystery man and just that little interaction got her all in her feels and even leaving a note with her phone number on his car!

But wait! There is even a ‘plot twist’ to this story, as Hannah was quick to tell her fans.

Hannah Brown took to her IG account yesterday to reveal that a man caught her attention while out and about.

Apparently, she was just walking down the street when he passed her by and caught her eye!

‘He was so cute. We kind of smiled at each other, I think,’ she gushed on social media.

She admitted that she was ‘too nervous to say anything’ but decided to leave a note on his car even though she was unsure which car was his!

‘I said, 'We smiled at each other on the sidewalk. I was wearing a pink dress. Call me sometime,’ the Bachelorette alum read her note.

Even though they were yet to say a word to each other, Hannah was so into this mystery man that she started imagining their love story already!

‘Maybe we will show our kids this someday. And our grandkids. Lol,’ she shared her wild thoughts.

It turns out that she was lucky enough to put the note on the right car and it got to the man.

As he was coming back to his vehicle, she freaked out and ran away ‘like a crazy person.’

Hannah was obviously really nervous to see his reaction and maybe even get his call!

But, as mentioned before, there is a plot twist she revealed the next day.

‘So, plot twist. I ended up actually being asked out by this other guy I met, like, a few weeks ago, and it actually was really good. You snooze, you lose, man,’ the reality TV star stressed.

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