Hannah Brown Saves A Man From Drowning During Rafting Trip With Family

Hannah Brown Saves A Man From Drowning During Rafting Trip With Family
Credit: Source: cosmopolitan.com

Hannah Brown has saved someone’s life! The heroic act was praised by many of her fans on social media and so was the sheer physical strength that allowed her to ‘pull a grown man back on the raft.’

That’s right! The Bachelorette star saved a man from drowning a couple of days ago.

At the time, she and her loved ones were white-water rafting in Tennessee when she realized someone was struggling in the rapid currents and she did not hesitate to help.

Not too long after, the man’s girlfriend took to her platform to tell everyone what happened and based on what she told, it sounds like Hannah is much stronger than people would believe by just looking at her.

‘How fun Hannah Brown saved my boyfriend from drowning in the Ocoee River today. She was on the river with us and our raft flipped and she and her family were on the trip with us. she just ended up pulling my bf onto their raft after the current took him. I did not know who she was but her mom said she had just won DWTS and that she was the bachelorette!’ the woman wrote in several tweets.

In response to the story, one fan theorized that Hannah is so strong due to her very intense fitness routine, healthy lifestyle and also taking kickboxing classes!

The girlfriend commented back, confirming that Hannah is definitely really strong before adding that ‘She and her family were so nice! Her momma was so proud of her baby girl I loved it.’

Later on, Hannah’s brother, Patrick, who also helped save the man, shared several pics from their outing-turned-rescue-mission, and wrote alongside them: ‘Took on the rapids with the fam jam! I got to relive my lifeguard days and Hannah thinks she’s apart of the Coast Guard now.’


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