Gwen Stefani Fan Teases Her For Failing At TikTok Video And She Has Hilarious Response!

Gwen Stefani Fan Teases Her For Failing At TikTok Video And She Has Hilarious Response!
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It turns out that being a proper TikToker is not easy at all no matter how it may appear! Singer Gwen Stefani learned that the hard way after she was shaded by a fan for her attempt at making such a clip for the popular platform.

However, the star did not let it get to her, and instead, she let her own sass be seen as well when she responded to the criticism.

Gwen Stefani is undoubtedly successful in multiple areas, including music, fashion, and business, to just name a few of her areas of expertise but it looks like TikTok was a bit challenging, at least for a beginner like she is - she has all the time in the world to improve!

It all started with Gwen posting a rather awkwardly edited lip-syncing video of her own song Bubble Pop Electric.

One fan then commented: 'I love watching celebrities totally fail at tiktok. Love Gwen she's amazing buuuuut.'

The light diss was all for fun and not meant to offend and Gwen definitely got that so she was not mad!

With that being said, she joked right back, even playfully pretending she did not realize she counts as a celebrity!

'Thank you for calling me out you are right!!! TickTock isn't for me but help yourself to my music and enjoy!! wait… am I a celebrity??' the comment reads.

As for the TikTok video itself, it actually starts off pretty well, Gwen doing perfectly fine with the first line of her song.

However, next thing you know, the filter she chose to use goes all wrong and it all becomes a huge mess, her face not even on screen anymore as it stretches indefinitely.

@gwenstefani #bubblepopelectric gx #bringit #showmeyours !! gx ♬ Bubble Pop Electric - Gwen Stefani

The image also rotates and slows down, proving that Gwen really struggled to figure out those effects!


Still, A for effort! Besides, it made for an amusing clip for her fans!

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