Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton No Longer Even Mentioning Getting Engaged - Here's Why!

Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton No Longer Even Mentioning Getting Engaged - Here's Why!
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Fans of the singer couple have been waiting for their wedding for a while now but it sounds like they’ll just have to wait even more! According to an insider report, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s engagement plans have been put on hold!

The two are definitely still very much in love and very happy after about five years together.

That being said, trouble in paradise is not the reason why Gwen and Blake are not even talking about walking down the aisle together one day.

It could also be the quarantine that’s delaying the process but not even making plans to tie the knot when everything comes back to normal?!

Well, as it turns out, the answer is pretty simple – they’re very busy!

One source told HollywoodLife that ‘Blake and Gwen have been enjoying life in quarantine and have been dealing with it the best that anyone can. They’ve been busy and Blake recently was knee-deep working on The Voice so that took a bunch of his time and other than that he and Gwen are just living day by day in Oklahoma figuring it all out to the best that they can and just having fun.’

‘It has been a wonderful time being a family and speaking of family, towards the end of 2019 they have had many conversations about engagement and marriage and when it would happen but those conversations have stopped completely since they are focusing their attention on everything else that is going on in their lives,’ they went on to dish.

The insider also mentioned that their friends and family members have two opposite ideas of what it really means that they’re not talking about that ring!

On one hand, some believe it won’t happen, while others think something is bound to happen really soon!

But no matter what happens, their loved ones know that ‘a ring and or piece of paper is not going to define them. Their relationship is solid and everyone looks at that as the main takeaway from it all.’

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