Blake Shelton Says He Is Not Tired Of The Voice At All Because Every Season Is Something New

Blake Shelton Says He Is Not Tired Of The Voice At All Because Every Season Is Something New
Credit: Emma McIntyre

The Voice has been on air for a whopping 22 seasons and there is one man who has been there from day 1 and that is Blake Shelton . Shelton was one of the coaches when the show first aired back in 2011 and while the other coaches have been changed many times, Blake has remained a constant.

Ahead of the beginning of the 22nd season, Extra caught up with the coaches and one of the main questions was of course for veteran coach Shelton himself. Shelton was asked, “Twenty-two seasons in… I mean, are you still as excited about this gig?... Do you ever think about walking away?”

Shelton answered in the following words:

Each season they are different the second you throw in one new person, it's… a different show altogether because you can, you can, have something going on with, with four coaches that have worked together, but you change one thing and it completely screws up everything that you think you got figured out about the show,” he further quipped, “And so Camila screwed it up again this year.”

Blake further explained himself with the following analogy:

“It is like starting over every time, you know, and… as long as they have those home shopping channels and I can watch those and, and figure out new ideas to sell the same crap over and over again… then I'll be prepared… I mean, the guy selling a roll of tape is like, 'Three dollars, are you kidding me?...’ You know, those guys [have] techniques…That's where I learned.”

Blake Shelton will be joined this season once again by his wife Gwen Stefani, who had all the best things to stay about Blake:

“With Blake, I mean, he's my best friend, he's my favorite person I ever met in the world… He's so genuine, so real, so honest, so talented, humble, kind…. I could just go with all the good things to say about him. He's an incredible person and he makes us all laugh and he makes everybody feel good.”

With his wife back on the show, Blake certainly does not have a reason to leave and he does not seem eager to do so either.

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