Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton - Inside Their Holiday Plans After Engagement!

Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton - Inside Their Holiday Plans After Engagement!
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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton love to spend pretty much all holidays as a family, Thanksgiving definitely being one of them! However, one insider report claims to know that this year, things might be a bit different for the in love couple!

As fans know, the singers got engaged back in October, after dating for 5 years!

Furthermore, they are busier than ever now that they are both back on the set of The Voice.

As a result of their impossible schedules this season, they actually celebrated Thanksgiving a month earlier in Oklahoma with Shelton’s family!

That’s not to say that they will be skipping or moving around Christmas as well, however, as a source tells HollywoodLife that they will still ‘make a big deal out of Christmas!’

The insider shared that ‘Blake and Gwen are in work mode right now. They haven’t been worrying about the holidays that much, especially since they celebrated Thanksgiving already. And the next few weeks with the times they will be away for The Voice later this month and next is something that is going to take a majority of their time.’

They went on to explain that while Gwen and Blake are busy with their job, her three sons will be spending more time with their father, Gavin Rossdale.


‘They have some alone time coming up because the kids will be spending some more time with Gavin. They will just be relaxing and watching football and TV. That will be enough for them this year. They’re not making a big deal of Thanksgiving since they have so many other commitments to handle. Gwen and Blake’s schedules are so packed right now, they have pretty well gone from zero to 100. It’s a big change after so much time off, but also very welcome. They absolutely love what they do and being able to work together is still their ultimate,’ the source dished via the same news outlet.


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