'Grateful' Gwen Stefani Believes In Love Again, Thanks To Blake Shelton After Gavin Rossdale's Messy Divorce

'Grateful' Gwen Stefani Believes In Love Again, Thanks To Blake Shelton After Gavin Rossdale's Messy Divorce
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Diva Gwen Stefani is thankful for many things in her life, and the smooth-sailing romance that she now has with country star Blake Shelton tops that list.

In past interviews, the mother of three confessed that her divorce from Gavin Rossdale was devastating and she did not know if she could handle another failed relationship.

A report has come out saying that Blake has given Gwen the healthy relationship that she has always dreamed off.

The insider, who spoke to Hollywood Life , explained: “Gwen is thankful for Blake and what he’s done for her for many reasons, but she truly was skeptical about finding love again until connecting with Blake. She was afraid to jump into things with him because she was so incredibly hurt from her divorce. Though she has moved on from Gavin, she still deals with the pain and scars of that, which is why she’s happy with where she and Blake are currently at.”

However, Gwen has yet to fight off her fear of marriage, according to the family friend, who shared: “It’s made her afraid a bit of the idea of marriage again, and she thought she couldn’t even entertain the idea until she met Blake. He truly opened her back up again. She truly has never been this happy and in love in a relationship and Blake feels the same. Blake worships the ground Gwen walks on and sees how great of a mom and woman she is, and Blake finds that so attractive. Gwen was so devastated by her divorce, and it makes her scared to get married again. It was the hardest thing she’s ever had to deal with.”

The source concluded by: “Blake has really shown Gwen that life goes on and that happiness is possible. She’s very open to the idea of marrying again, and Blake is to thank for that. Blake has helped Gwen see that a happy and healthy relationship is possible again.”

In a recent TV interview, Gwen said she is hopeful that Blake will eventually pop the question, but there is no pressure on her end.

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