Gavin Rossdale's Life Is Not What You Imagine After Gwen Stefani And Sophia Thomalla Breakups

Gavin Rossdale's Life Is Not What You Imagine After Gwen Stefani And Sophia Thomalla Breakups
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It is not often, but Gavin Rossdale is talking about his life after the high-profile divorce from singer Gwen Stefani who has moved on with country star Blake Shelton.

The former Bush leader, who shares three children with Stefani -- (Kingston James McGregor Rossdale born in 2006; Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale born in 2008; and Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale born in 2014 ) -- and they were married from 2002 to 2016.

While Gwen has been in a steady relationship with the country star, Gavin had a relationship with Sophia Thomalla, but that appeared to have ended.

One New Year's Eve, the stunning German model was pictured on a sandy beach in Miami, Florida kissing and hugging famous soccer player Loris Karius.

At a recent event, Gavin did an interview with Hollywood Life and explained that he has moved on from the two breakups and has other priorities in life. The musician spoke about his three boys and his career.

Gavin stated that he is working hard to have a legacy and added: "The main thing is being proud. A lot of my past, the good sides of it, is a great legacy of music and so all I just really focus on is trying to do good work. Van Gogh died penniless, nobody bought his paintings, he only had one and a half ears, so I take such inspiration from that, that you can’t lean on people’s appreciation or lack of appreciation. You have just to make whatever work or job you do the best you can do it."

As for all of his moves being scrutinized before, during and after his romance with the No Doubt diva by media both in England and the U.S.

He explained: "Being the eye of the storm is I think compartmentalization, I suppose, and prioritization of things that are important. So in my life, my kids are important; first, my music is important second, and if I find love, that’s right up there with those two."

A source told Hollywood Life that the father of four is devoted to his children despite living on the other side of the Atlantic.

The family friend stated: “Gavin is based a lot of the time in London but he does make time to be in L.A. so he can see the kids, he’s still a big part of their lives. It’s so important to Gwen that her kids continue to have a solid relationship with their dad, so she’s very flexible when it comes to sharing time with Gavin, on holidays and all through the year too.”

Gavin is now taking a mature stance.

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