Gary Owen Claims Delta Air Lines Discriminated Against His Wife Kenya Duke

Gary Owen Claims Delta Air Lines Discriminated Against His Wife Kenya Duke
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According to Gary Owen, his wife has had an unpleasant experience with Delta Air Lines, involving her getting racially profiled by a ticket agent at the airport.

The agent reportedly approached Kenya Duke and asked her why she was waiting in the first-class line.

To make matters worse, the woman was reportedly together with her daughter who had to watch the whole thing happen.

After getting asked why she was waiting in the first-class line, the woman pointed out that the agent was not asking the same question to anyone else.

When she questioned the man why he was not asking any of the people behind her the same thing, he merely responded that he did not feel like it.

The comedian stated: "So, they tell everybody to line up for first [class]. My wife gets in line, and the guy working the gate at B21, Cincinnati Airport asks my wife, ‘Oh, are you in first?’ And my wife said, ‘Yeah, I am.’ And then my wife said, ‘Are you not gonna ask the guy behind me?’ And he goes, ‘No.’ My wife said, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘Cause I don’t feel like it.’"

Delta Air has so far not offered any apology on the matter. Instead, they tried shifting the blame for the incident on Duke herself, coming up with a story that the woman was blocking the line for other passengers, and that she had tried boarding early.

No other passengers from the same flight have reported similar incidents, casting doubt on the story provided by the airline.

For now, Delta has responded that they are “reviewing the situation,” although many comments have expressed doubts that the airline has any plans to remedy the issue at this stage.

The company stated: "Delta does not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We are reviewing the situation with our Cincinnati team and are in contact with the customer to better understand what transpired."

Owen has not provided any further comments himself, although many people have asked the comedian to share more information about the incident.

According to Duke, she has flown over 3 million miles with the company so far.

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