Gabrielle Union's Video Featuring Her Daughter, Kaavia James Makes Fans Smile

Gabrielle Union's Video Featuring Her Daughter, Kaavia James Makes Fans Smile
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Gabrielle Union shared a video featuring her daughter, Kaavia James that has fans smiling. It seems like the cutie pie can say 'love' but refuses to say it! Check out the clip below.

'Look whose talking!!!!! @kaaviajames CAN say "love" but she flat out refuses to say it. Thats my baby🤣👶🏾
Ohhh we are in for ITTTTT @dwyanewade !!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️#curlsforthegirls #FlawlessBaby,' she captioned the clip.

A follower said: 'I’m too far away and I need more Kaav in my world,' and another commenter said: 'Look who’s growing up so fast! 😍😍And right before our eyes. 💜💜Thank you for sharing!'

Someone else wrote: 'the way sis' decided to create a word instead of saying love I stan 😩; and a commenter said: 'Idk anyone else that pops up on my timeline daily that just...🥺🥺 I frickin love this kid.'

Another commenter posted this: 'I’m gonna need my cyber niece to stop growing now 😩this is madness!' and a fan said: 'Awww she looks just like mommy and daddy can’t wait to see the beautiful adult she becomes.'

Someone posted: 'She’s gonna be tall. Look how long her fingers are!!!! Beautiful,' and one other fan gushed over Kaavia as well: 'I just love this child, I need to stop watching baby vids cause I almost inhaled some baby fumes.'

In other news, Gabrielle Union shared a photo on her social media account that had a lot of fans freaking out.

Also, Gabrielle  made her fans happy recently when she launched her line of products. Fans were really excited and they made sure to tell this to her in the comments.

She proudly announced her fans and followers on social media that she finally dropped her line of hair care products that are called  Flawless .

Her supporters were in awe, and they were not shy at all when they had to send love via social media.

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