Gabrielle Union Is Praising Gina Torres - See Her Message

Gabrielle Union Is Praising Gina Torres - See Her Message
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Gabrielle Union is praising Gina Torres. Check out the post that she dropped on her social media account.

'This week’s #WCW is the wildly talented and constantly glowing Gina Torres! I first met Gina at a women's retreat in Ocho Rios and became friends. We worked together for the first time on cult fave Flash Forward, and have been dying to work together ever since. Her obvious acting talents have been wowing audiences since her days at La Guardia School (FAME school) where she trained as a singer before transitioning to acting full time with roles in film / tv like Serenity, The Matrix, and Suits' she wrote.

She continued and said: 'Soon she can be seen in our upcoming Netflix film The Perfect Find and on FOX's 911 Lonestar. She continues to break boundaries in the entertainment industry and has been prompting producers to see “American beauty” as more inclusive moving forward. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there' Gabrielle captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I absolutely love her. I watched Suits just to see how fly she was gonna be. Best dressed for sure.

A follower said: 'Gina is a force! I freaking love 😍her. She is definitely one of my favorite actresses,' and someone else posted this: 'I wrote a scritp and the mother is Gina Torres in my head and when I get it in production, I’ll ask her to please play in it 🔥😍 #queen.'

A fan said: 'She's seeing her in lead roles,' and someone else posted this: 'You love you some Gina Torres 🌹 best place to have met such beauty.'

Someone said: 'Did you say Ocho Rios? As in Ocho Rios in Jamaica? The Jamaica in which I live? Do you mean that there was a time when @gabunion and @iamginatorres and myself were in the same country? The same zip code? Sleeping under the same star? In the same telephone code? Get outta here!'


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