Gabrielle Union Doesn't Want To Be Called A "Basketball Wife"

Gabrielle Union Doesn't Want To Be Called A "Basketball Wife"
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Gabrielle Union isn't fond of the "basketball wife" title one bit and urges fans and followers to never use that term. Reportedly, Gabrielle is working hard to expose "unconscious bias" against women who have married professional athletes.

Currently, Union is married to the NBA player, Dwayne Wade, but during a new interview, the Bad Boys alum admitted she refused to be described as a "basketball wife." She considers the term innately sexist and as a pejorative.

Gabrielle claims the truth is, Dwayne, is a "Hollywood husband" rather than she being a "basketball wife." Speaking with InStyle Magazine, Union spoke at length about sexism and the struggles women face in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Union asked why there are only terms to describe stereotypes against women and not men. She said, "there are no stereotypes or terms for men who are married to successful women."

According to Union, she has been successful on multiple fronts for years, including on the big screen, with her fashion collection, as well as her own wine. Her memoir sold very well as well. Gabrielle said she was already fully secure before even starting her relationship with Dwayne.

Speaking with InStyle, Gabrielle said the idea that one person completes another is "BS." An individual has to get their own first and then find the person who is good for them afterward.

Just last year, Gabrielle and Dwayne welcomed a baby girl in the world via a surrogate. The actress said she was so happy to finally have a child. Despite being "sleepless," as she described it, she and her husband were thrilled to have their first baby girl.

In 2017, Gabrielle wrote a book called, We're Going To Need More Wine , in which she revealed she had suffered more than eight miscarriages in her life. Union, 46, and Dwayne, 37, got married back in 2014. As Gabrielle's fans have come to know, she has spoken honestly about her struggles as a woman, including when she was raped at knife-point as a young girl before achieving Hollywood fame.

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