Future Taunts Fans After Reports Claimed He Is Back Together With Lori Harvey -- Will The Rapper's Baby Mamas Drag Him?

Future Taunts Fans After Reports Claimed He Is Back Together With Lori Harvey -- Will The Rapper's Baby Mamas Drag Him?
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Future and Lori Harvey have found themselves entangled in a fresh batch of rumors regarding their alleged relationship.

And while nothing concrete has been stated by either party so far, this has not stopped their fans from actively discussing the situation as if it has already been confirmed.

It looks like things have gone a bit over the top for Future himself, as he recently decided to speak up about the situation and address the things people have been saying.

His response was not exactly what most were expecting to hear. All the rapper had to say about the situation was that he was living "that single life," and the comment almost sounded like a taunt to those who have been spreading rumors about his relationship status recently.

And of course, it does not look like his words have done much to convince people to stop discussing the situation with his love life.

Quite on the contrary, some have taken that statement as an invitation to try proving the rapper wrong.

Some people have gone to disturbing lengths to bring up details of his private life, looking at the current state of affairs on social media.

However, it looks like Future was well prepared for something like this from the very beginning. The rapper has not given any indication that these comments bother him, and he has not engaged in this conversation any further. Maybe fearing his army of baby mamas might drag him again.

Although it is entirely possible that this might change if the pressure on him gets too strong to spill the tea.

Harvey has been linked to multiple famous faces that include Trey Songz, Diddy, his son, Justin Combs, and Lewis Hamilton.

As for Future, he has too many baby mamas who are taking him to court to count.

Meanwhile, Harvey is being praised by her adoring fans.

One of them said this: "You are the philosophy of sexy successful influential unapologetic risktaker talented woman 101🔥🔥😱😱"

Another compliment from a backer read: "Beautiful is an understatement😫. Baby girl, you summertime fine, and honestly, I been stuck on which season it really is. Damnit, you fine! If you were my son's girl, I’d take you too."

It seems, she is just living her best life.

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