Ciara Reveals That She Is About To Make All Of Russell Wilson's Dreams Come True In New Video

Ciara Reveals That She Is About To Make All Of Russell Wilson's Dreams Come True In New Video
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Ciara recently did an interview where she gave some real hints about the next phase of her life with husband Russell Wilson that will undoubtedly delight the NFL player.

Ciara and Russell are already happily raising her son, Future Jr., and their daughter, Sienna, together, but the athlete has made it clear he wants a huge family.

In Valentine's Day and Mother's Day messages, Russell begged his wife to give more babies. While talking to Extra , the talented singer and dancer has revealed that she is about to make all of Russell's dreams come true -- but he has to be a tiny bit patient.

Ciara confessed: “Oh, you know, if you ask him, we're talking eight babies… you know, we'll just go one day at a time, but I definitely do look forward to having more kids… we got time for that.”

She also spoke about her wedding anniversary trip with her spouse: “Yes, we were in Fiji. I was thinking about South Africa. We went to South Africa the year before, which was our official honeymoon because we didn’t get to do a proper one after we got married, but we did go to Fiji… and that was really fun! It was a short, quick trip for us, but really good.”

Ciara took the opportunity to promote her work as the beauty brand ambassador for Ipsy: “Hopefully, people walked away feeling inspired and encouraged if they needed some encouragement, and also feeling good about self-love. You want to have the attitude of you wear the makeup; the makeup doesn’t wear you.”

Fans are over the moon for the power couple.

This backer shared: "Wow, this is beautiful! What were the words to the prayer? I mean like the exact words, 👀🤧Wow. I never say goals but Chile, GOALS AS HELL."

Another commenter complimented Russell for the way he treats his wife by making her happiness a top priority: "Russ our there setting the bar high for us guys. Well played, sir. Well played. 🙏So happy to see you with a King who really loves you and who treats you like Queen deserves to be treated. Enjoy your special day!!! 💕💕💕"

How many children do you think the pair will have in total? 4? Or maybe eight like papa Russell is dreaming off?

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