Future Is Being Dragged After These Troubling And Sad Details About His 17-Year-Old Son Surface

Future Is Being Dragged After These Troubling And Sad Details About His 17-Year-Old Son Surface
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While Future is busy dealing with issues created by his multiple baby mammas and his ongoing relationship with Lori Harvey, the rapper's firstborn son, whom he shares with former girlfriend Jessica Smith, has also been making headlines.

According to recent information, Jakobi Wilburn, who is 17-year-old, was taken into custody because of alleged involvement with illegal gang activities.

The teenager was arrested last month because he was discovered to be carrying an unreported firearm, which had its serial number scratched off.

Following the arrest, the young man will be facing charges for criminal trespassing, gang activity, and altering the identification number of a gun.

Reports indicate that just one of the charges -- for being a member of a criminal group -- could bring him a sentence from five to twenty years in prison.

For the time being, it remains unknown when Wilburn will have to appear in court, but even though he is still four years away from being 21 years old, he will be tried as an adult in accordance to the laws in Georgia, which allow for 17-year-olds to be charged as grownups.

Besides, the young man apparently will not be able to benefit from having a celebrity parent, as it was reported that his defense would be carried out by a public defender because the teen was determined to be "indigent" since his own income was taken under the account and not the one of his popular father.

Currently, there is no information if Wilburn has contacted Future yet.

One person had this reaction to the news: "I'm not surprised, sad to say😒 that boy is crying out for years. It's only so much his mom can do."

Another commenter claimed: "Future is known not to take care of his kids Ciara even said it ...I don't understand why a woman could want someone like that😒."

This follower wrote: "This is the SON MOM Future HATEs, this is the SON Future NEVER do for, this is the SON that’s n PUBLIC school they tried to get Future to spend time with and change his school 🏫 as I said before Future ONLY do for the KIDS n the public shot light for CLOUT, Future has eight kids he DONT see or spend time with ANY of these kids ( Laura Harvey thinks she special ( uuuummm NOT ) as a woman I would NEVER take Future serious eight kids ( li boy bye."

Future has a lot of family issues to handle.

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