Kailyn Lowry Says She Can't 'Enjoy' 4th Pregnancy Because Of 'Anxiety' Struggles - Fans Come To Her Aid!

Kailyn Lowry Says She Can't 'Enjoy' 4th Pregnancy Because Of 'Anxiety' Struggles - Fans Come To Her Aid!
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The Teen Mom star took to social media to talk about her fourth pregnancy, admitting that she has had some anxiety over it! Kailyn Lowry has been worried something could be going wrong with the baby and that means she has not been able to enjoy being pregnant this time around.

That being said, she asked her fans on Twitter to give her some advice if they have ever been through something similar.

As you know, Kailyn confirmed her fourth pregnancy earlier this month and she was happy about it but it seems like it has not been the easiest of roads.

‘Has anyone else experienced more anxiety about something going wrong in a pregnancy after their first? I feel like I can’t enjoy this at all,’ the reality TV star’s tweet read.

Kailyn is already the mother of three boys so she should have experience with carrying a baby but that just goes to show how different every pregnancy can be.

Either way, social media users were quick to share their own experiences, commenting things like: ‘Yup- I had anxiety through my second pregnancy. I keep thinking I was going to miscarry and when I was in labor I was terrified of a still birth.’ / ‘Sorry you are struggling. Anxiety is the worst.’ / ‘Yes!! It’s normal I think….’

It sounds like people could relate to Kailyn and they also did a great job reassuring her that it is all part of the process.

Prior to this anxiety filled tweet, Kailyn shared a video from her gender reveal party and it turns out that she is having another boy!

While the father has not been officially confirmed it really sounds like it’s her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, since on February 4, he wrote a very sweet ‘letter to [his] unborn child.’

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