French Montana Clarifies Kendrick Lamar Comments - The Rapper Said He Had 'More Hits'

French Montana Clarifies Kendrick Lamar Comments - The Rapper Said He Had 'More Hits'
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French Montana sparked controversy earlier this week on social media when he suggested he had more hits than Kendrick Lamar . He also said the "Humble" rapper would find it difficult to compete against him in a music festival environment.

Fans know that his comments later sparked a feud with Young Thug and other rappers and since then, they've both been talking smack to each other on social media relentlessly, with both parties bringing up old embarrassing situations to make each other look bad.

Regardless, French Montana has been doing his best to clarify his initial remarks. Hot New Hip Hop claims Montana later took to his Twitter account to let the whole world know that he can battle anyone.

Reportedly, on the 21st of April, French Montana was in the middle of promoting his latest single, "That's A Fact" with a few different publications. His conversation with Complex was where it all started.

French Montana said to the reporter that he had a lot more hits than Kendrick, and would likely draw a much larger crowd to a music festival on account of that. His argument was that he had more charting singles than Lamar, despite the fact Kendrick had produced what the rapper called "masterpieces."

Many social media users, likely enraged by sensationalist headlines, took to their own respective accounts to blast French Montana due to their misunderstanding and misinterpretation of what the rapper actually said.

Regardless, the damage is done, which is why French is now doing his best to clarify his original statement, while at the same time praising Kendrick Lamar in the process. French took to his Twitter account to say he has been "making hits for a long time," and he's only recognizing his own talent and feeling proud about it.

French Montana, in all capital letters, went on to say that he had more "anthems" than Lamar, and when it comes to hits, he believes they would go "neck to neck." You can check out his Twitter post above.

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