Lil' Dicky Donates $800,000 For Climate Change And COVID-19 Initiatives

Lil' Dicky Donates $800,000 For Climate Change And COVID-19 Initiatives
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Lil' Dicky, née David Byrd, recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of his single, "Earth," by dropping an $800,000 donation for climate change initiatives and COVID-19 relief funds. Following the release of Lil' Dicky's song, "Earth," last year, Lil' Dicky has made himself a man of the people.

Hot New Hip Hop reported on the rapper's donation earlier today. Fans of the "Save Dat Money" artist know that his single last year, which utilized the help from other celebrities and performing artists, wasn't hailed by everyone, but it was admittedly a noble attempt.

Regardless, Lil' Dicky has shown that he's serious about climate change activism and coronavirus relief funds, because the aforementioned donation was quite hefty.

In a press release, Mr. Byrd wrote that he was honored to make a donation to the charity organizations. He also said he was tremendously grateful for the artists he worked with last year. The rapper thanked humanity for "listening and spreading the word."

The "Save Dat Money" artist went on to urge fans and followers to start taking the crisis a lot more seriously, because it may be too little too late some time in the future, perhaps even now.

The time to act is here, the rapper suggested. David went on to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown him that it's possible for human beings to change their behavior if needed, especially if the crisis is in front of us all, clearly visible.

The rapper went on to reveal all the organizations to which he donated, including Amazon Frontlines, Global Greengrants Fund, Carbon Cycle Institute, Quick Response Fund for Nature, and The Solutions Project.

Moreover, he gave $215,000 to the COVID-19 x Climate Response Fund. Fans of Bryd will be thrilled to see Lil' Dicky's name in the headlines a lot more. David has been busy working on a new series called Dave, in which he works alongside the comedian, Andrew Santino. The series is airing its 9th episode tonight.

Earlier this year, Byrd appeared on Santino's podcast, Whiskey Ginger, where the two joked about a number of topics, and also advertised the new FX series.

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