French Montana Says He Has More 'Hits' Than Kendrick Lamar

French Montana Says He Has More 'Hits' Than Kendrick Lamar
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According to French Montana, he would outperform Kendrick Lamar at a music festival because he has a lot more hit songs than he does.

Hot New Hip Hop recently reported on comments made by the rapper in which he appeared to be giving Kendrick props, however, social media commenters may have taken it the wrong way. During a conversation with Complex, French Montana talked about his beef with Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, his addiction, and more.

Amid their conversation, French Montana respectfully said he would draw a much larger crowd than Kendrick Lamar if they were performing at the same music festival.

Montana explained that if organizers were to put him alongside Kendrick at a festival, he would potentially "outshine him," not because he's a better rapper, but because he's got a lot more hits. The recently hospitalized rapper made sure to add that it wasn't because he was a better artist either.

Montana added that Kendrick had many albums, several of them being "masterpieces," but when it comes to drawing a crowd at a festival and captivating the audiences, he may have the advantage over the acclaimed artist.

Many people on social media have had a hard time believing Montana has more hit songs than Kendrick. Hot New Hip Hop pointed out several hit tracks from the artist, including "B*tch, Don't Kill My Vibe," "Humble," "DNA," "Swimming Pools," and "Alright."

It's not clear who would be the winner in a hypothetical situation, but French Montana has been in the news for other statements lately.

In other news, French Montana made poignant remarks regarding the coronavirus pandemic. The artist pointed out that the current crisis may call attention to all of the performing artists out there, particularly rappers, who make terrible financial decisions.

As most know, the music industry is just one of many businesses that have been hit hard by the coronavirus, especially as many of the top-earning festivals and events have either been postponed or canceled altogether.

Montana asked reporters from TMZ, "did you build a capital? Did you build something, like a retirement plan?" obviously in reference to other artists.

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