Flavor Flav Says Public Enemy Firing Isn't Related To Bernie Sanders

Flavor Flav Says Public Enemy Firing Isn't Related To Bernie Sanders
Credit: Source: NYDailyNews.com

Flavor Flav, the hip-hop main-stay, recently explained that his firing from Public Enemy was not Bernie Sanders-related. In fact, the rapper wished the presidential candidate luck in the upcoming election. During a chat with The Guardian, Flavor Flav stated he had nothing against the Senator.

Flav added, "I think he's a good person and I wish him luck." Reportedly, the beef with other members of the group is what led to his dismissal from the legendary hip-hop band.

The 60-year-old artist said to the United Kingdom publication that his only issue was with Chuck D for signing them up to perform at the rally without asking first. While at the San Diego International Airport on Tuesday, Flavor said to reporters that he wasn't a part of it, so why would Chuck D say he was?

Flav said to fans that just because he backed out of the performance, it doesn't mean he's a Trump supporter either. In fact, Flavor Flav said he was apolitical. Flav added that Chuck D was the "politician of the group," and he was just the "friendly jester."

On his social media, Chuck D backed up the rapper's claim, arguing that his fellow bandmate didn't know the difference between Barry Sanders or Bernie Sanders, and didn't care to either. Followers of the 2020 presidential race know that Bernie has dealt with coverage issues.

For instance, earlier this year, in February, Bernie Sanders was in the media for his beef with NBC executives. It was reported that the Democratic candidate stormed up to NBC executives and told them straight to their face that he thought how they covered him was "incredibly unfair."

Moreover, Sanders wasn't pleased when a political pundit referred to him and his supporters as "brown coats" - a reference to the Nazis or the National Socialists, who took power in the 1930s with Adolf Hitler as their leader.

Additionally, a source who was close to the altercation claimed Bernie had been battling with Phil Griffin, the MSNBC boss. It was just before the Democratic debate started too.

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