Felicity Huffman's Daughter Scores A Role On The Twilight Zone

Felicity Huffman's Daughter Scores A Role On The Twilight Zone
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The Los Angeles Times recently reported that Sophia Macy is already moving on from her college admissions scandal. The outlet claims she actually landed a spot in the series, The Twilight Zone.

A representative for Macy confirmed on Tuesday that the 19-year-old daughter of William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman was cast in the second season of the thriller anthology from Jordan Peele. Sophia will appear in the episode, "Among the Untrodden," alongside the actress, Abbie Hern.

As followers of the college admissions scandal know, Macy was at the heart of Felicity's involvement in the scandal this past year. The actress, who's most known for starring in Desperate Housewives, paid $15,000 for her daughter's entrance into the school through doctored SAT scores.

As a result, Felicity served 14 days in prison and also had to serve 250 hours of community service in addition to coughing up $25,000 in restitution. In a written statement from December 2019, Huffman stated she accepted the court's decision without hesitation.

Last fall, Huffman wrote a letter explaining why she felt it was necessary to pay William Singer the money for her daughter to get into the school. The actress claimed she felt scared that her daughter wouldn't be able to start college and become an actress due to her low math scores.

Felicity claims she tricked herself into thinking that her decision was borne out of being a good mother, and also providing her daughter a fair chance, however, after some self-reflection, she realized what she had done was the exact opposite of fair.

Reportedly, Macy received an increase of 400 points following the payment. The improvement was large enough to gain her entrance into the school, but not enough to draw suspicion. Felicity Huffman, as well as the prosecutors, claimed Sophia didn't know anything about the scam.

Regardless, it appears as though Sophia Macy will get her life-long dream, after all, to appear in a TV series and kickstart her acting career. The second season of the aforementioned series will start later this year.

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