Eva Longoria Gushes Over 'Amazing' 'Desperate Housewives' Co-Star Felicity Huffman And Their 'Strong Connection!'

Eva Longoria Gushes Over 'Amazing' 'Desperate Housewives' Co-Star Felicity Huffman And Their 'Strong Connection!'
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It turns out that in spite of the huge college entrance fraud scandal that Felicity Huffman was involved in, her former Desperate Housewives co-star, Eva Longoria still has only great things to say about her. In fact, the latter had a reunion with some of the other cast members, minus Felicity, and while they could have shaded her in her absence, they all raved about how unbelievably talented she is instead!

The actresses reunited via Stars in the House, a virtual mini-show hosted daily by SiriusXM’s Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley amid the quarantine.

While they obviously had a great time catching up with each other, the stars did this first and foremost to help raise donations for the Actor’s Fund’s Coronavirus efforts.

The list of names on the online show includes: Vanessa Williams, Marcia Cross, Dana Delaney, Eva Longoria, as well as Brenda Song!

As mentioned before, Huffman was not present for the little reunion but the other ladies had a great time chatting about their favorite Desperate Housewives moments and more!

As for the other actresses who also skipped the reunion - Teri Hatcher and Nicollette Sheridan - they also came up in conversation!

James mentioned that ‘Lynette’s storyline when she had cancer was…done so well,’ and then cut to a clip from the show’s first season when the character reveals she was ill.

‘I’m going to cry!’ Brenda reacted to the footage that was expertly acted by Huffman to be extremely touching and emotional.

Marcia Cross then proceeded to directly praise Huffman for her talent, saying that ‘I just feel like Felicity Huffman is a flipping genius. An unbelievable actress! I actually remember doing that scene once it came up — I forget everything until I’m watching.’

It was then Eva’s turn to reminisce, the actress sharing that: ‘I remember that storyline, and it was hard because we were a true dramedy — we were always a joke, and then that gravity would take you by surprise and that’s what I loved about the show is we got to do two things. When Felicity had this storyline, she sunk her teeth into it — she had so many questions…she’s the acteur.’

And that was not the end of the praise!

Eva went on to also recall another scene of Huffman’s that took place in the hospital.

She claims that at the time, while they were shooting it, she would forget her lines because Felicity was ‘so amazing.’

‘Felicity and I have such a strong connection…we’ve all created these lasting friendships,’ she then sweetly added. Aww….


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