Felicity Huffman's Life Reportedly 'Back To Normal' Months After Her College Entrance Fraud Scandal - Details!

It has been a few months since Felicity Huffman completed her sentence for her […]

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Remorseful Felicity Huffman Is Ready To Return To Work — Should She Play An Inmate Next?

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Eva Longoria Gushes Over 'Amazing' 'Desperate Housewives' Co-Star Felicity Huffman And Their 'Strong Connection!'

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Felicity Huffman's Daughter Sophia Macy Faces Backlash After Landing Acting Gig On The Twilight Zone

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Felicity Huffman's Daughter Scores A Role On The Twilight Zone

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that Sophia Macy is already moving on from […]

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Felicity Huffman's Youngest Daughter Reveals Her College Plans After Varsity Blues Scandal Landed Her Mom In Prison

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Felicity Huffman ‘Blessed’ To Be Home With Her Family On Thanksgiving After Prison Sentence

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Felicity Huffman Wants To Work With Inmates And Help Them Re-Enter Society After Her 11-Day Stint In Prison

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Is Felicity Huffman Shopping A Book And Movie Based On Her 11 Days In Prison?

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Felicity Huffman Has 'Shifted Her Priorities' After Spending Time In Prison

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