Eva Marcille Spends Some Quality Time With Her Family

Eva Marcille Spends Some Quality Time With Her Family
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Eva Marcille has been spending some quality time with the family this weekend and she made sure to share a photo on her social media account, just to keep fans updated. Check out her recent post below.

'Family ❤️🌻 @mmymy cousin abc ONLY god sister. My Baby ain’t a baby 😝' Eva captioned her post.

Some commenters blasted her for not respecting social distancing and not wearing a mask: 'we see y’all out there with the kids acting like COVID is fake news.'

A follower said: '@evamarcille is slim but you look strong as hell💪 Folk better leave you alone!! You look like you can fight. Not that you would but they better not test you!!'

A commenter exclaimed, 'Social distancing?!?! Where are the masks?' and another follower posted this: 'Chile y'all some brave folks letting your guard down. Corona is till out there and I'm not talking about the beer!'

Someone else wrote: 'You didn’t need Bravo. The fact that you left shows you have class and character. It’s was just going to bring your family down and embarrass y’all. I watched the reunion and heard all the vulgarity and anger. Who wants to be a part of an environment like that? I feel sorry for all cast members and wish they had the courage to leave. I watched Andy laugh at all kinds of mean and cruel statements and none were funny. I felt bad about how low some of them went. Trust that Jehovah has better in store for you. Move on and make your own way.'

A follower posted: 'Are you sure you have three kids? You look amazing,' and someone else wrote: '@evamarcille is it true you leaving the Housewives? If so, why if you don't mind me asking?'

Someone else wrote: 'Just heard you won’t be returning to the show...sad moment but all the best!!'

Other than this, Eva showed fans how her hubby spent the Juneteenth and managed to make some ladies curious.

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