Eva Marcille Shows Fans How Michael Sterling Spent The Juneteenth

Eva Marcille Shows Fans How Michael Sterling Spent The Juneteenth
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Eva Marcille showed fans how her hubby spent the Juneteenth and managed to make some ladies curious. Check out the post below.

'The clam before the fullest turn-up!!!! HAPPY JUNETEENTH ❤️🌻✊🏾' Eva captioned her post.

Someone said: 'So bummed that I missing the celebration. See u when I get back❤️' and a follower posted this message: 'Uh oh. Black men. Cigars. The grill cometh. And next...ALL THE WAY UP! @evamarcille HUGS AND JUNETEENTH JOY!!!'

A follower wrote: 'I'm going to miss u so much on RHOA, I have been watching your career since the beginning. & was so happy to see you on RHOA you will be missed greatly. So cheers & sunflowers to NEW BEGINNING & JUNETEENTH.'

Someone else posted this message: 'Gonna miss you on RHOA! Loved you going toe to toe with those ladies and putting Marlo in her place when she tried to come for you. You’re a 👑'

Another commenter posted: 'Happy Independence Day black people. This is the day you should celebrate not July 4th. Juneteenth.'

One other commenter wrote: 'I should have come!!! I’m missing all the fun! 😩 Happy Juneteenth!!!!' and a fan said: 'Eva so glad you are moving on with your life. Enjoy your husband and family and whatever else God has for you.'

Someone else posted: 'Yo brother sitting over there with them thick thighs looking like a snack.'

Not too long ago, Eva addressed the subject of racism and shared a video on her social media account. This was really appreciated by her followers.

Other than this, Eva recently  celebrated an important milestone  involving social media – she hit 4 million followers which is quite a lot, you have to admit.

Her followers and diehard fans made sure to send her love and support in the comments and they also praised her family as well.

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