Eva Marcille Addresses Racism - Check Out The Video She Shared

Eva Marcille Addresses Racism - Check Out The Video She Shared
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Eva Marcille is addressing racism on her social media account. Check out the video that she shared on IG below.

'Listen to these men and watch the entire video. Speak up!!!!! These two white men are not here for here for racism! It’s not enough to not be racist we must be anti-racism!' Eva captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I have been cussed and lost friend’s because I’m speaking up. It’s ridiculous!!!!!' and another follower posted this message: 'Wow I got nervous before I watched this but after carefully listening, I smiled.'

One other follower wrote: 'Aren't they awesome I'm so glad you reposted this video it is important for everybody to see this.. then they will tell two friends and they will tell two friends and they will tell two friends.. the concept is simple but seems to take 400 years SMH.'

A commenter said: 'Wow! He sounded so passionate about every single word he said.'

Someone else posted this message: 'People you have to actually watch the video clearly they are against racism and are standing up for what’s right.'

Another person posted: 'Some of y’all in the comments is what’s wrong with many people. You want to comment on something without listening first 🤦🏾‍♀️ and if you did watch it, I’m just going to assume your comprehension skills is pathetically low and you barely graduated from high school.'

An Instagrammer also had some things to say: 'These two live in Maine. They have been all over the news up here for doing what they did. The amount of hate that they are receiving now is disgusting 😔 We need more people like these two!'

Other than this, Eva recently celebrated an important milestone involving social media – she hit 4 million followers which is quite a lot, you have to admit.

Eva has been sharing all kinds of motivational and empowering messages these days and she continues on the same note.

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