Eva Longoria Reveals What It's Like To Give Birth And How She's 'Giving Back' Afterward

Eva Longoria Reveals What It's Like To Give Birth And How She's 'Giving Back' Afterward
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According to a report from UsMagazine.com, Eva Longoria dished on the pressures she felt after she gave birth to her 16-month child named Santiago. Longoria, during a conversation at the Eva Longoria Foundation Gala with Us Magazine on the 15th November, stated she never thought the world would affect her in the way that it has been ever since she gave birth to her child.

"Like, everything affects me now: the news, articles, and climate change," the actress remarked. Paraphrasing the comments of the Desperate Housewives alum, Longoria added that since giving birth, it seems like everything in the world scares her and spikes anxiety.

On a more positive note, however, her effort in philanthropic work has definitely increased, because she feels as though it's more important to make a solid effort to better the world. The actress stated she always cared a lot, however, now that she has a child, everything means "so much more."

With that said, Longoria explained her new mindset wasn't a negative thing, in fact, it provides almost a therapeutic effect. Longoria admitted that the sheer amount of problems in the world can make a person feel "paralyzed."

According to Longoria, many people fall prey to the misconception that one has to have a lot of money and fame to do the right thing for the world. But to her, there are many things that can be done to make a difference, including recycling.

While it's paralyzing, the actress remarked, it's admittedly easy to get the ball rolling once you've started. Back in 2012, the access founded the organization, Eva Longoria Foundation. Eva started it to help the Latino community through education as well as lessons in entrepreneurialism.

As it was previously reported, Eva welcomed her first baby with her man, José Bastón, in June of last year. Speaking with reporters from Parents Latina back in August of 2018, Eva stated she was thrilled to have a child in her 40s.

In April, Longoria gushed over her child's personality, stating that he was "just funny," as well as extremely happy.


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