Kate Beckinsale Shuts Down Jamie Foxx Dating Rumors

Kate Beckinsale Shuts Down Jamie Foxx Dating Rumors
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According to a report from PageSix.com, Kate Beckinsale recently came out to address the claims of a relationship between her and Jamie Foxx. On her IG account, the 46-year-old Underworld alum addressed the social media rumors that she and the 51-year-old Oscar-winner were an item.

Reportedly, a photograph of Kate and Jamie together at the Hollywood Reporter Golden Globe after party went viral. In the picture, Foxx is featured hugging Beckinsale closely to his body along with his hand on her lower back.

On her account, Beckinsale stated that just because she stood beside him, it doesn't mean they were in a relationship. Beckinsale joked on her account that she was at the dry cleaners at the time of her post and if that principle held true, that means she's in a relationship with a lot of people.

As it was previously reported, Beckinsale recently finished the divorce proceedings between herself and ex-husband, Len Wiseman, after four years of being apart. Kate found herself in the spotlight once again when she started dating Pete Davidson, from Saturday Night Live.

It comes at a particular time for Foxx, who just separated from Katie Holmes after six years of dating, in August. Since then, people online became entirely convinced that he was dating the young singer, Sela Vave. Foxx claimed he was merely helping her with her career.

As it was noted above, Kate and Pete stirred up controversy earlier this year when they were spotted hanging out on a number of occasions. It came shortly after Pete and Ariana called off their engagement, which was in the headlines for months.

Addressing the media frenzy that came as a consequence of her relationship with Pete, Kate stated she was honestly surprised the public and the media became so interested in it. Additionally, some people online weren't happy with the age difference between them.

During an episode of Saturday Night Live , Davidson fought back against social media critics as well when he referenced the litany of actors who dated much younger women - clearly, in defense of Kate.

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