Erica Mena Praises 'The Best Makeup Artist In New York'

Erica Mena Praises 'The Best Makeup Artist In New York'
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Erica Mena praised a person whom she called the best makeup artist that you could find in NYC. Check out her look that was made by this makeup artist below.

'The BEST Makeup artist in New York award goes to @koreankandy ✨🌹 Plenty of reasons why I keep my people to myself. She understands her talent isn’t to be watered down. And energy of greatness isn’t for everybody!!!!' Erica captioned her post.

The makeup artist responded and told Erica the following: 'I love you boo wouldn’t want to spend every day with anyone else ! ❤️ thank you for all that you do and for being a real one 😘 💕 good vibes only !'

A fan said: 'I give her mad props.....because she's super talented and always knows how to enhance your beauty even more.....your face the beat for the gods!'

Another follower posted this: 'You’re so gorgeous and even more gorgeous while pregnant,' while one fan said: 'Keep shining girl. Ignore the haters... They just hate cause they ain’t 💯 Love you 👑❤️🙏🌹 you are going to be an incredible mother.'

Someone else also praised the makeup artist and said: 'Her make up skills are nice but you are an absolutely gorgeous woman!!!'

A commenter wrote: 'She does a great job !!!! It's not overdone nor caked on. It looks closer to natural blended well.'

Erica is living her best life these days. She is carrying Safaree's baby girl and the couple cannot wait to finally meet the baby.

Erica's fans keep asking her how long she has until she gives birth, and they keep repeating that it seems she's been pregnant forever.

But Erica is enjoying this time as much as she can and you have to admit that she has never looked more beautiful and glowing than she does since she became pregnant.

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