Erica Mena Is Staying Fit - The Aftermath Of A Happy And Healthy Pregnancy

Erica Mena Is Staying Fit - The Aftermath Of A Happy And Healthy Pregnancy
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Erica Mena started working out, and she's showing fans the aftermath of a happy and healthy pregnancy these days. Check out the latest pic that she shared on her social media account of choice, Instagram.

'@fashionnova FashionnovaPartner The aftermath of having a happy and healthy pregnancy, 💪🏾' Erica said. She continued and posted this: 'Thank you, Queens, for the encouragement and complements. 💕💕'

Someone told Safaree's wife, 'you look fantastic honestly LHH gave me a horrible impression of you, but after following you, I love everything about you, and I’m Inspired.'

Another follower said: 'you Soo pretty the way you are thick! But you beautiful no matter what!!! Get it, girl!!!' and one other follower posted: '@iamerica_mena you look amazing! Thank you for being bold! You still look good AF💋'

One commenter told Erica: 'Full respect for showing it’s not instant but you’re still beautiful. Congrats MaMa! Welcome to the club 💕'

Someone else said: 'Love you showing a natural after baby body! It’s so motivating and personal. Makes me relate to you so much.'

A commenter said: 'I love that you're taking your time to get your body back the way it was. You're not doing a mommy makeover. You look beautiful ❤️'

A follower said: 'You look great. Congratulations to both of you on Marriage & baby girl.'

Someone said: 'We needed this! People think you have a baby and jump back into the old you. It doesn’t work that way for all of us. You’re working hard and it shows. Definitely motivation for me 😩❤️'

In other news, it's been revealed not too long ago that Erica believes that there are more stringent and severe troubles all over the world and Safaree said that he’s certain the the government has something to do with the whole thing. What do you think?

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