Erica Mena Is More Concerned About Mental Health Rather Than The Coronavirus Itself These Days

Erica Mena Is More Concerned About Mental Health Rather Than The Coronavirus Itself These Days
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Erica Mena and Safaree are not that bothered about the coronavirus pandemic these days, according to the latest posts that they have been sharing on social media.  Erica believes that there are more stringent and severe troubles all over the world and Safaree said that he's certain the the government has something to do with the whole thing.

Now, Erica shared a gorgeous photo of herself wearing white, and first of all, she managed to impress her fans with the fact that her tummy is flat following her pregnancy.

She really does seem to be snapping back faster than expected and people loved the fact that she's not bragging about it.

On the other hand, Erica told her fans that they should take more care of their mental health these days, considering the fact that there is so much panic and fear rules the world today.

Here's the post that she shared on her social media account.

'@fashionnova FashionNovaPartner- With all that is going on in this world right now Please protect and cater to your mental health 🙌🏽✨' Erica captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Had a baby??? Girl where?? U look amazing,' and a follower posted this: 'Yasss! Damn you snapped back quick! 🙌'

One commenter wrote: 'U look so much better with the baby weight!' and someone else posted: 'Lots of people, joke & play about Mental Health & a person who personally deals with it knows. It's just as serious as any other health issue...'

A follower said: 'OMG.... you look amazing but when don’t you look beautiful lol!!!!'

One other person posted this: 'Wowwww!!!! @iamerica_mena that healthy SnapBack was fast and even better. You’re thicker now too in all the right places girl,' and someone else said: 'yeah, you are fine girl right after baby!! love your curves ma!'

A lot of people admired her look and told her to be careful these days.

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