Erica Mena And Safaree Are Wishing Lil Kim A Happy Birthday

Erica Mena And Safaree Are Wishing Lil Kim A Happy Birthday
Credit: BET

Happy Birthday, Lil Kim ! The famous rapper is 45 years old today, and Erica Mena and Safaree hurried up to wish her a happy anniversary. Check out the photo that Erica shared in order to mark this event.

'Screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY Queen 🌹👑 ♥️ We all absolutely love and adore you. You are not only an inspiration but trendsetter 💯👑 @lilkimthequeenbee 🌹#TRUELegend,' Erica captioned her post on IG.

Fans were preoccupied with the 'hand placement in the photo as you will see for yourselves below.

Someone said, 'Lil Kim for her hand right where it’s suppose to be,' and another follower posted: 'Those hand placements🤔🤔🤔 got me thinking it’s PLAY TIME🤣'

Other than this, fans wished Lil Kim all the best and a happy birthday.

The Vibe recently reported that Lil Kim had a message for the media and she wanted people to put some respect on her name.

'If y’all don’t see me doing press, if y’all don’t see me doing certain things, it’s ’cause I’m fighting,” she said to the camera. “I’m f**king fighting. I’m not f**king just about to have motherf**kers not put respect on my name. So don’t act stupid. Don’t start asking all these dumb questions,' Lil Kim said.

She continued and said that for the time being, she is shutting down interviews and press appearances.

'At this point, it’s about me,' she declares. 'I’m that b**ch, nothing else. I refuse to f**king keep doing all of these interviews, publications, and all of that shit if motherf**kers is not gonna respect who I am, what I’ve done, where I’m at now. Put some f**king respect on my name. Period.'

Have a great anniversary, Queen!

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