Mase Asks Nicki Minaj To Collaborate With Lil Kim On This Song And Here Is Her Surprising Response That Is Breaking The Internet

Mase Asks Nicki Minaj To Collaborate With Lil Kim On This Song And Here Is Her Surprising Response That Is Breaking The Internet
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It seems that hell has frozen over because Nicki Minaj has extended an olive branch to Lil Kim and legendary Bad Boy rapper Mase has an idea on how the ladies could break the Internet.

Friday, Nicki took to social media to reflect on her musical career. It has been 12 years now since the diva released her first mixtape Play Time Is Over .

The Young Money femcee wrote that she was proud of the work she accomplished on the project and added: "12 years ago I dropped my 1st mixtape. Wrote every single word on every single song. I was so proud of that. Eventually, the barbz were all wearing pink hair, Chinese bangs, & Barbie chains. Colorful wigs came all the way back in style. Everyone became Barbies & Dolls."

She added: "I always shouted out my influences in my interviews. Nowadays, it's become cool to pretend you weren't influenced by other artists. S/O to the ones big enough to do it: Kash, Asian, Cuban, Saweetie, Meg, Malibu, YOUNG MA, Ms. Banks, Lady Leshurr, etc. No female rapper (other than Trina) did a song w/me or congratulated me on my billboard accomplishments."

She also shared a video where she is praising the rap queens who came before her like Foxxy Brown and Lil Kim.

Mase, a close friend of Kim, had this suggestion: "@nickiminaj 🙏🏾 get it right with #kim on the #Megatron remix #QueenMoves." Nicki responded with a smiley face.

Fans are loving the idea. One person said: "I'm here for it. @nickiminaj What's good? Yall both grown now. Time to bury the past b.s. & be on some new shyt. We wld ❤️ to see it. Let the healing begin! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏾🎉🎉🎉I would cry just to see them together."

Another commenter stated: "I’m always here for queens coming together and squashing the beef. If Meek and Drake can hash it out, so can they. 😅I find it funny how y’all always saying other female rappers don’t have to pay homage to, but Nicki has to pay tribute to Kim soooooo bad."

This follower claimed: "OMG that would be EPIC🔥🔥🔥 it would actually be super dope to add all the dope female rappers out right now 💜 I would love to hear/see that."

This backer explained: "Naw, maybe on a new song that’s fresh and iconic ...... not Megatron lol. I feel like it be the fans and the music industry!. That cause division between two talented women 💯! But I would love it. ❤️"

Do you want Nicki and Kim to jump on Megatron?

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  • Audra Bradley
    Audra Bradley Jul 11, 2019 3:07 AM PDT

    Oh and it really doesn't matter to me if they collide or not Queen bee will always shine as one of woman in rap game no matter what lyrics speaks for its self and self love and respect speaks for another 💖real lady emcee old school to new have bless day.

  • Audra Bradley
    Audra Bradley Jul 11, 2019 2:59 AM PDT

    Jay is right on the money i remember all that i like some of nicki music but think she's way over rated and fake and has a jealous streak of others she's always still trying to side dish females even if you did write all your s*** all of it aint fire so take some help from others it dont mean ur not true to your craft do your research its been writers for people way before you came and will be way after you go stop the nonsense and grow up young money and be there for some old money boo.

  • Teresa Blue
    Teresa Blue Jul 6, 2019 11:50 AM PDT

    Yes I would love to see the lady's make music together

  • Loyalti
    Loyalti Jul 6, 2019 10:48 AM PDT

    Kim has made it painfully obvious that she has no wish to be one of us why are we continuing to support her? This is an attempt to use Nicki to bring Kim's career back. It would most likely be epic just to have the two women seen together but let's face it. Kim can barely move that weight around, who's going to write for her? Did anyone see her last performance with the to small clothes, old dance moves that she was out of breathe doing. She used to be one of my favorite rappers so I'm not hating I'm just saying I think this will be an epic disaster. Nicki will come rocking a bangin outfit that hugs that bangin body with straight fiyah as she spits. Which is only going to add gas to the flame. Good intentions maybe but I think there's motive behind it.

    • Jay
      Jay Jul 8, 2019 3:28 PM PDT

      Many people who think their opinion matter think their comments aren't. First, stop trashing Kim. She such a sweet lady and very talented artist. One, she needs nobody help with her career because last I checked she already have the accolades and respect or did you miss that? She also has a new show coming out on VH1 and her latest album coming. She did not put out there that she wanted to work with Nicki, that was a comment made by Mase so what makes you think she is using Nicki for anything when she never suggested it. Lol! Do you even read or research or are you like so many, just talking out your butt and don't really know what's going on. You see a comment on the post and run with it without doing your research. You also have it waaaaaay backwards. Have you been under a walk and have not notice Nicki position in music industry is fading quickly. Do you even realize every lashing out she does is a desperate attempt for attention because she wants to maintain some type of high level in the industry. Of course she is open to working with other female rappers now but was she back then...NO. That comment she made was a complete lie. Did you know that before Nicki became famous Kim wanted to work with her and help her??? Did you know that! Did you know young money team used Kim and studied the new sound she was doing behind the scene before Kim released her new stuff and had Nicki doing that same sound when she finally made her debut. Did you know it was Nicki who was trashing Kim in songs but pretending in interview to praise her but only to turn around talk crap about her. This was all during a time Kim said nothing about Nicki and was still behind the scenes and when she finally got tired of it, she mad the diss track called Black Friday. You obviously know nothing of the true history between the two and who is truly at fault. Nicki didn't want work with nobody. She came out very cocky and she had to study Kim style, lyrics and swag...use it in order to make a name for herself and she wonder why she is receiving the karma she is getting know and ppl are turning away from her. You can sit and act blind to the truth all you want just because she is your favorite but those are the facts. She had her run and is very successful and instead of now help the younger ones get opportunity she is busy try to fight to be on top. Ya'll let that girl manipulate you and it's sad. Her behavior is that of a snake and anything she does is for her benefit only. If you think she cares truly about the culture and music you are kidding yourself. She has proven this by past behavior. Why did she try so hard to ruin Cardi...ask yourself that. What did Cardi do to her..NOTHING. She got made at Cardi simply because Cardi said in an interview that Nicki changed her verses a couple times on the motor sport song. Was that a enough to go on a mission to try to sabotage Cardi's career, bait her, incite negative reactions from ppl in the industry and fans to turn against her. No! Nicki is the only one out her STILL sending these subliminal message taking shots while ppl like Cardi and Kim have moved on and concentrating on their craft. You have the nerve to defend her and she acting like this. Wake up and stop being manipulated.

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