Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Inamorata Woman Figure Earrings In New Video

Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Inamorata Woman Figure Earrings In New Video
Credit: Source: Inamorata Woman/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski is showing off her favorite earrings from Inamorata Woman. She first announced the Figure earrings several months ago and showed them off with a campaign where she posed as the girl with a pearl earring , the famous painting by Johannes Vermeer. Now, she's simply wearing the earrings and showing them off in a move that is sure to see a spike in orders. Emily Ratajkowski's launched the fashion line in 2017 and has seen tremendous success. With bikinis, bathing suits, pants, tops, dresses and more, it seems jewelry such as the Figure earrings are a new addition to the Inamorata Woman line and fans are thrilled.

The earrings aren't just Emily's favorites from the collection, but fans are praising them as well. The Figure earrings are designed in celebration of a woman's feminine shape and are a celebration of the female form.

Emily shared several photos and videos on her official Instagram account where she has more than 25 million followers as well as the official Inamorata Woman. The photos and videos of Emily modeling the earrings are getting a lot of attention.

You may see the videos that Emily shared in the player below.

Inamorata Woman fans have plenty to look forward to as Emily also shared a new photo of her wearing a different lingerie style. Emily shared a new photo of herself wearing the lingerie that consisted of a sheer one-piece teddy that featured black polka-dots. An oversized white shirt draped across Emily's forearms and she had her head tilted to one side.

She wasn't wearing the Figure earrings in the new Inamorata Woman lingerie photo, but thick gold hoops. The official Inamorata Woman site has yet to tease or announce the new lingerie styles that are coming, but they will most likely show up on the site today or tomorrow.

You may see a photo featuring the new lingerie style below.

What do you think about Emily Ratajkowski's Inamorata Woman's Figure earrings? Are you a fan of the Inamorata fashion line?

Are you looking forward to seeing what the new Inamorata Woman lingerie looks like? Are you excited to see what new things Emily Ratjkowski has in store for 2020?


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