Elton John Pays For Knee Surgery Of Former Fiancée - Even Though He Broke Up With Her Months Before Their Wedding

Elton John Pays For Knee Surgery Of Former Fiancée - Even Though He Broke Up With Her Months Before Their Wedding
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Fans know Elton John not only as a legendary performing artist but also as a great philanthropist, even when one's emotions and feelings may get in the way of doing the right thing. Page Six reported today that Elton John paid for a knee replacement for the woman he left at the altar around 50 years ago.

In case you've never heard the story, Linda Hannon, 76, and Elton John, 73, were set to get married after they first met each other at a club in the late 1960s. At the time, Hannon helped John who was struggling in his career.

They were scheduled to get married three weeks later, but during his bachelor party, John's closest friends and songwriting partners convinced him not to go through with it. The Mirror reports that his friends got John every intoxicated, a time when they chose to convince him not to get married.

They told him that he was going to ruin both of their lives and not just his own. Ironically, their breakup came shortly before he scored his first massive hit. John wrote a song in 1975 which addressed the near-marriage, although, the lyrics weren't favorable to Hannon.

He insinuated in the song that his former fiancée nearly had him hook line and sinker. Even though the song was mean-spirited, at least from what we know of the story, Hannon always remained friendly to the singer-songwriter.

He later got married to Renate Blauel in 1984, before they eventually got divorced in 1988. Finally, he came out of the closet and got married to David Furnish in 2014. The pair were never in contact with each other over the years, until the coronavirus lockdown.

Regarding the surgery, Hannon learned that she needed a knee replacement, so she called up John and asked for a favor. During a conversation with The Mirror, Hannon said that she supported Elton during his ascent to the top, although, at the time, he was at the bottom.

She said it was while John was trying to live his dreams. Hannon admitted she was touched by the fact the singer-songwriter was willing to help her out during a time she needed it the most.

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