Ed Sheeran - Fire Breaks Out At His House In England!

Ed Sheeran - Fire Breaks Out At His House In England!
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Oh no, that is so unfortunate! According to brand new reports, Ed Sheeran’s country estate in England caught fire earlier today!

It turns out that fire broke out at the Grammy winning singer’s house in Suffolk, England.

Soon after a ‘small building fire’ was reported, the firefighters headed to Ed Sheeran’s estate.

Reportedly, one call was made at around 7:30 in the morning, and while it must have been scary, it could have been much worse than it was in the end.

Apparently, thanks to three fire engines, the fire was under control and in less than two hours, they managed to put it out and ventilate the smoke as well!

A Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service rep shared with E! Online that ‘Three engines were sent to the scene, from Framlingham, Saxmundham and Halesworth. The crews extinguished the fire quickly and then ventilated the area of heavy smoke.’ That is great to hear!

At this time, it is yet to be announced what exactly was the cause of the fire.

Furthermore, there are no reports on the extent of the damage, if any, the fire caused at Sheeran’s estate either.

One East of England Ambulance Service spokesman made it very clear that earlier today, there were no jobs fitting the fire description in the county, so it sounds like no one was hurt, at least.

As fans know already, the celeb actually grew up in Suffolk, and he currently lives at the same estate that went up in flames earlier today.

He and fiancée Cherry Seaborn share the same roof actually, so it is a relief that, as it seems, neither one of them was hurt by the fire or the thick smoke.

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