Chris Brown - Rape Accuser's Attorney Insists It Was 'Non-Consensual' And Details What Happened!

Chris Brown - Rape Accuser's Attorney Insists It Was 'Non-Consensual' And Details What Happened!
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After Chris Brown reportedly filed a countersuit against the woman accusing him of rape, the unnamed 24 year old’s lawyer insists that she definitely did not consent to sex with the singer. In fact, the attorney claims she was put under ‘great psychological pressure.’

Her legal representative, Franck Serfati has clarified some things for the Chris Brown accuser, The Associated Press reports.

Serfati explained to the news outlet that the student who has asked to remain anonymous, was not physically forced into sleeping with Brown but that she was in an ‘environment with great psychological pressure’ from older and large men.

He went on to share that his client got invited to a Paris nightclub party along with Chris and his entourage.

The lawyer claims the meeting was arranged by a common contract.

After the bash, ‘about 15 girls and five or six men’ went to Brown’s hotel suite in Paris.

Apparently, the star ‘cornered her in a room that was locked. There were forced sexual relations and then he went to talk to other men – it was a masculine environment.’

The accuser also told her attorney that she was sexually assaulted by one of Chris’ associates and one of his bodyguards on a different floor of the hotel.

‘My client explains that it was non-consensual sex. She was not pressured physically. This was a very particular environment with great psychological pressure. She was only with men, older men, men who you imagine to be buff,’ the attorney went on to tell the outlet.

Chris Brown has vehemently denied all accusations against him and has even filed a defamation suit against his rape accuser.

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