Dwyane Wade Has The Cutest Baby, According To Fans After Gabrielle Union Posted Fashionable Pictures Of Kaavia

Dwyane Wade Has The Cutest Baby, According To Fans After Gabrielle Union Posted Fashionable Pictures Of Kaavia
Credit: Instagram

Fans have dubbed baby Kaavia, the daughter of Gabrielle Union, the world's cutest baby, thanks to this new series of beyond adorable and fashionable photos.

Believe it or not, Dwyane Wade's little princess is already 4 months old.

It seems like yesterday, the power couple announced the birth of their bundle of joy and now she has taken over the world via her clever Instagram posts that keep delighting over half of million followers.

Baby Kaavia looked like a tiny model/ballerina the day she marked her big milestone in a red tutu dress and matching head wrap.

The youngest activist on Earth, (her mother shines the light on amazing little girls doing amazing things to make the world a better place), completed the look with a pair of cool shades.

Gabrielle captioned the photos: "Day party in LA. Cute casual they said. I live for a stunt as you can see. #shadybaby 4month turnup #bottleservice"

One fan reacted by saying: "This is going to be a daddy's girl 💞for sure 👀like D Wade👍🏿take her to L.A. next season so she can get some commercials and D can come off the bench for the Lakers and get a 6th man🤔or could start next year✌🏿Seriously I can not get enough of her! She is literally EVERYTHING!"

Another commenter wrote: "Aww!! Her feets shes so joyful to c keep sharing Gab your a wonderful mom introduces her to a lil freedom& all those colors n front of her to explore. Happy 4th-month sweetheart, May God bless you; you're one of the best reasons I even come to insta daily to see if you made a new face😂😂😂...love you.🙏👌"

This person replied: "She is gonna look back at these photos of herself and crack up laughing. @Kaaviajames is a whole movement by herself 😏The fourth picture she's saying "don't touch me your hands look dirty and I put my hands in my mouth."

This fan added: "OMG, Just when u thought cute could not get cuter. She looks as though she is really enjoying her red outfit. This baby makes me happier than half the people in my life. God bless."

Baby Kaavia is a true Internet star at this point.

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  • Sherry
    Sherry Mar 9, 2019 5:53 AM PST

    She is Beautiful ❤️, she looks just like her daddy, and she always has that serious look on her face.

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