Dwyane Wade Triggers A Debate Among Fans After Showing Support For 'His Girls'

Dwyane Wade Triggers A Debate Among Fans After Showing Support For 'His Girls'
Credit: BET

Dwyane Wade has been supportive of his youngest son after it became clear that he identifies himself with a female. Wade also supported his son at the Miami Pride Parade not too long ago, and a lot of people criticized him for this.

Now, Wade shared a photo featuring Gabrielle Union, baby girl Kaavia and his son, Zion, and fans are talking again.

All of this is due to the fact that Wade captioned the photo with 'my girls.'

A follower said: 'I love how he respects his kids' decision ❤️ Let that baby be whatever it is they want to be.'

A follower asked: 'I agree!! But does the son identify himself as a female?'

A fan told the first commenter: 'you're amazing for this. I hope you have a blessed day.'

One follower said: 'Kaavia face gets me every time 😭😂' and a fan posted: 'Lol why he had to be so extra calling that child one of his girls? Chile.'

A commenter had this to say: 'A BLACK father that loves and accepts his son for who he IS. We gon stan on that one!'

Someone else also believes that what Wade is doing is alright: 'lol at his caption .... but if he feels like a girl, then it’s amazing that daddy accepts it!'

Wade could not be more in love with his and Gabrielle Union’s daughter Kaavia.

The latest photo featuring the kid and her dad has fans in awe.

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  • Laila Dodson
    Laila Dodson Oct 15, 2019 12:25 PM PDT

    Dear Mr . Dwayne Wade, Grab your boys whom are the epitiome of Love and RUN LIKE HELL. I am sorry to have to say such a negative thing but I feel that your SON WAS CURSED by the EVIL that happened to your wife and this NEW SHADY BABY. SHADY BABY is right. I'm not so sure if Gabrielle Union is who she appears to be. But I just find the whole thing a little fake about your son and this new arrival. I'm sorry but I wouldn't be having it. Gabrielle would have to find herself another situation and my son would have to be whole again and back to normal I feel so Good Luck! If someone is going to pay a price then it would have to be you, Dwayne for the evil.

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